A clean, comfortable and healthy environment of work constitutes essential condition for the order operation of enterprise but also for the more general efficiency of employees of this. The specialized personnel that attend cleaning, it creates a new level of quality in the subject of professional cleaning, offering effective and flexible services of cleaning. The permanent upgrade of the provided services, the growth of new methods of cleaning, the use of products of high quality - friendly to the environment but also the use of mechanic equipment of new technology, they have classified us in the sovereign place of market. THE H.P.S. Perfecta Cleaning Services LTD attends for:

  • Initial cleaning
  • Daily cleaning
  • Cleaning of internal spaces
  • Cleaning of exterior spaces
  • Cleaning of moquettes
  • Cleaning of furniture
  • Cleaning PC
  • Cleaning of glass panes (internally)
  • Cleaning vertical blinds
  • Cleaning bisector [panel]
And these are only some from the services that can compose your own program!


The cleanness could not be absent from a completed range of technical services, for this H.P.S. Perfecta Cleaning Services LTD attends and allocates in its customers the better action teams of market. Or you wish the general cleaning your brand new asset or refurnished space from an experienced and completely equipped team or you seek the regular cleaning of your spaces the H.P.S. Perfecta Cleaning Services LTD has the solutions.

We undertake:

  • Initial cleanings (after manufacture or renovation)
  • Maintenance of cleaning of professional spaces
  • Cleanings of schools and tuition centers
  • Cleanings of banks
  • Cleanings of government owned buildings
  • Cleanings of shops
  • Cleanings of offices and apartments
  • Cleanings of blocks of flats
  • Cleanings of moquettes - carpets
  • Cleanings venetian blinds


Our teams are trustful and precise in their appointments. We have the possibility of alternation of our cleaners, until you find the individual that to really cover you. We completely undertake the wage, the contributions, even the compensations of cleaners. Cover your needs for materially and instruments of cleaning. We come in your space, all hours and days of week, in hours of work and not, with base the program that we have created together. Still for the maintenance of your spaces in most excellent situation, we provide:

  • General Cleanings per regular time intervals, after agreement.
  • Regular controls of our teams from supervisors.
  • Direct and continuous contact with the corresponding persons in charge for the prevention and solution of all sorts of problems.

Washing Carpets

H.P.S. Perfecta Cleaning Services LTD is one from the older and more complete companies of cleaning of carpets. Offering specialized services of high requirements in the cleaning and simplest moquettes or your most expensive carpet. The cleaning becomes with high specifications from experienced and specialized personnel, with modern instruments and evolved materially cleaning of advanced technology. Now with each cleaning we apply neutralization of residues (even from previous cleanings). Thus your carpets acquire a silk touch, pleasant perfume and the colors are stimulated. Moreover we sanitize your carpets through a special method for the protection from bacteria and micro-organisms. The work can become in your space or in our space.

Applications of Disinfection

A suitably drawn sanitary application you render necessarily so that there is a limitation of the danger of events of pestiferous diseases. With special disinfectants and chemical solutions which are not toxic and can be used in all surfaces, none excluded the spaces with exceptional faculty of infiltration even in the most inaccessible points fighting all spectrums of likely hearths. Their high biodegradability renders them harmful for the plastic timber and metal.


H.P.S. Perfecta Cleaning Services LTD with main protractor the service, has an ideal solution on the issue of cleanness of vehicles with mobile teams for the service of customers in the space of the customer.

The cleaning becomes with high specifications from experienced and specialized personnel, with modern instruments and evolved materially cleaning of advanced technology.

All types of commercial vehicles and material handling equipment can be cleaned.

Now with each cleaning we apply also neutralization of residues of mushrooms or micro-organisms that possible are presented in the space of loading of vehicles especially in what brings refrigerators or freezers. The chemical solution that we use is consistent with the all models for the hygiene of foods and the international models.

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