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You know that by taking care of ten simple actions in your office the environment will be grateful to you.

The “Decalogue” this could be directive to the employees for each company:

  • Attend that all dustbins are empty before you leave from the office.
  • The carpet in your office should be washed and disinfected at least one time per year from a professional team in order to removed all micro-organisms and bad smell.
  • The air conditioner should also be maintained two times per year in order to remove the bad smell and mushrooms.
  • Replace your lamps with friendly to the environment. They are also economic and ecological and have bigger duration of life.
  • Recycle the paper, aluminums, glass and plastic.
  • Print out only the essential documents provided that the need exists but use printers that have the possibility of printing out in duplex.
  • Make sure that the air conditioners do not work with open doors the windows.
  • Switch off all lights at your absence from the office.
  • Use chemicals for cleaning whoever are environmental friendly.
  • The computers and the screens should be switched off from the socket and do not let them in stand-by mode.



Last update of Website: 18/06/2012

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