Company's Profile!

H.P.S. PERFECTA Cleaning Services LTD is a company based in Nicosia. Was founded in 2010 and its main object is the benefit of services of cleaning of industrial spaces, vehicles, offices, blocks of flats and depots.

Having in a big number of specialized employees, technical advisers, supervisors of work, and scientific collaborators of various specialties as well as mechanical and technological equipment of support, it is in position and provides high end services.

Clientele of H.P.S. PERFECTA Cleaning Services LTD includes public organisms and private enterprises. From 2010, with regularly steps and aiming at the direct satisfaction of customer that seeks the better quality of work, was created a continuously developing and dynamic company in the space of benefit of quality of services of professional cleaning.

What makes the H.P.S. PERFECTA Cleaning Services LTD distinguished, is that it achieves the following measurable objectives of quality (Quality Objectives).

  • It seeks and ensures the complete satisfaction of requirements of its customers.
  • It is completely harmonized with the relative legislative requirements and the Community directives.
  • It continuously develops the know-how in its sectors of activity.

For the achievement of all above objectives, the company applies a system of management of quality that is arranged with the requirements of international model [EN] ISO 9001:2008

H.P.S. PERFECTA Cleaning Services LTD sees to in order that all work that it undertakes is distinguished by responsibility, consequence and quality. The undertaking of initiatives and their concretization constitute important part of way of operation of company, proving in the customers daily that it wishes it contributes also in their own achieved course.